Dog bandana

Late last year, I began purchasing some bandana for my furry friend to wear during her daily walks. However, we realised the bandana did not look well together with the collar. Since we do not leash our dog during walks(dog friendly neighbourhood+ a docile dog), I’m rather uncomfortable having her wander off on her own without any form of identification(we have embroidered contact information onto her collars) . Sometimes our gal can wander off for quite a distance away and is so friendly that it is easy for people to mistaken her for a lost dog.

Thus, I began looking for dog bandanas that allow collars to be slipped in discreetly & I finally found one local seller that sells the ones that match my description.

After getting my hands on them, I was able to modify the current bandanas in my collection to resemble the shop’s design. I’m no good with sewing machines but I make do with basic needlework so now at least I have a total of 4 bandanas to cycle through.


Now every dog walk is a fashion show.

Pet Fair @ Big Box

All along, the pet fairs and events held in Singapore are at the eastern side of Singapore. Since we don’t own any 4-wheeled vehicles, any place beyond 42km(the limit of our  e-scooter & e-bike) is pretty out of bounds for us. Imagine our delight when a pet fair is held just less than 2km for us! We put our furry friend into the rear basket of my bike and we rode to the doorstep of the pet fair.


One of the animals shown in the pet fair


Angelic dog!

I can see that this pet fair is a small scale one because my sister-in-law brought numerous samples of kibbles from the one she had been while I’ve only seen one shop that offers free samples. I didn’t have much time to buy anything there because we were busy participating in a miniature schnauzer fashion show event.

In between the event, there were pockets of time I could walk around so I managed to get the free samples from the shop. While waiting for the results, hubby carried Molly into his arms and the baby almost fell asleep. Awww! By the time the event ended, we were exhausted. However, the event was worth going to because we won the 3rd prize!


12 cans of canned food, 1 big packet of dog chew and 1 bag of kibble

We were lucky to win the 3rd spot because of the small number of participants involved and then we had to factor in Molly’s weak performance in comparison to the the top dog. That fella was very interactive, better dressed and was an obvious favourite. Molly, being an extremely shy and cautious dog, did not tolerate the long event very well. By the time it was her turn to perform, she could not focus after completing the 2nd command & lost the interest of one of the judges. Some conditions of the event were not favorable to Molly but then again, it wasn’t a professional competition & we did participate in the event for some fun & exposure. $4 worth of tickets and we walked out with more than we could ask for.

Molly was glad to be home and became very excited as I began unpacking all the goody bags, kibble samples and the prizes. She could smell all that food in the air so I gave her some treats and chews along the way since she had worked really hard. It took her quite a while to settle down even after I’ve stored everything. Gosh. I was dead beat. Bosu class in the morning. Work in the afternoon and the pet event in the evening.

For once, I fell asleep before the dog did.