Molly the surfer dog

Peak period of my work tapered off so I could have some time to play with my furry friend. Here are some of the videos & photos I collated over past 2-3 weeks.

We also have a guest in the house, Indigo, Molly’s daughter from the 3rd litter. Pet sitting her for 11 days. I really like female dogs. Previously I’ve pet sit for her boys and some of my peers male dogs but I found them too stubborn, barky and boisterous for my liking. Knowing Indigo is here, my sister-in-law brought her dog Mimi over to socialise.

As with all dogs who stay with us, Indigo is being taught how to eat with Molly.

Yes, the dogs are having a great time these days.

Tokyo-dog updates

Tokyo Aug 2016

Designed an album for the recent trip we took last month so if you’re keen, click on the link above to view.

On the dog side, I just bought a collared scarf for her. She didn’t take too well to it & collapsed on her master’s lap in protest. She’ll get used to it eventually. It’s just another collar with a little piece of cloth hanging out.

pink scarf

Been busy with work, exercise studio classes & stuff with my church magazine. Life is still good despite me falling ill a week before my August trip & a week after I came back. I work hard, I spend my money just as hard. Hahaha.


Things went unexpectedly well since the last post. MIL seems to realise her folly & toned down a little. It’s useless being respectful & docile to her because it just gives her the fuel to push me around.

Ever since I joined a new gym, I’ve been having a lot of fun. I didn’t expected the classes offered by First Fitness to be so challenging, which really interest me. My operated knee has been doing better with each week of classes but this means I’m a lot busier since I spend alternate mornings working out & the other mornings for house chores and grooming my furry friend.

Speaking of my furry friend, we went out to the beach again where I tried on my waterproof casing for my iphone. I was able to take better photos of Molly since I’m no longer restricted to land shots. I could swim across to the next island for a different shot.


Unfortunately, the day ended with us discovering her peeing a puddle of brown coloured urine. We first thought it was due to dehydration but the urine didn’t clear over the subsequent days and there was blood at the end of voiding. Several tests at the vet revealed her to have struvite crystals with a high alkaline pH value in her urine as well as a big bladder stone. We opt for the conservative method to acidify her urine in hopes of dissolving her bladder stone. My furry friend still look the same, with or without the pain reliever. She did look happier after a dose of the acidifier. A lot of monitoring to be done during this period but her pee looks clearer this week & the pH value has been looking good.

Will update on her condition again a few days later after the coming visit to the vet this Thursday.