It’s nice to be out at the sea every weekend with our furry friend so at times I take videos or photos to share with everyone.

The glucosamine is working wonders for her. She’s back to being active, pestering us to play with her. Do you know that the little one would prank us by planting ‘land mines’ (squeaky toys) on our carpets while we’re in bed? Imagine us stepping on it when we get up for a drink or taking a leak in the middle of the night.

Was taking shots of the evidence when the proud owner of the ‘land mine’ walked up and posed. Might as well…might as well…



UTI update


needy look while I was at the loo

Is the cranberry powder+greek yoghurt a success? Not really. I had to add in apple cider vinegar into my furry friend’s water bowl before the pH value in her urine becomes consistently neutral. I think Molly’s body is natural alkaline because I’ve never seem to be able to get it to be acidic. The best I could is getting it neutral, which will still clear her bladder stone(last year’s episode) & now this Urinary Tract Infection. The latest test I did was this morning where there was hardly any protein(blood) in her urine & pH value still neutral(what’s new?). I think I can breathe a sigh of relief & stop with all these regular tests.

One thing to note is that I had only given her the cranberry powder+greek yoghurt combination for a week before my husband started complaining about the smell(he isn’t very fond of milk products).Also, when my family members help with the feeding, they don’t add in the cranberry powder. I started kicking up a fuss 2 weeks ago – that I’m never able to successfully do a home remedy with Molly because none of them are co-operating with me. It was then I started adding in the apple cider vinegar into her drink. My furry friend doesn’t seem to like ACV laced water but since it’s the only source of water, she is forced to drink it. I’ll probably carry on with the cranberry powder since there’s plenty left & ideally, she should have a slight acidic urine.


I’ve also changed the positions of my mother-in-law’s rags & stuff around so that the rags aren’t hung above her bowls. I always feel uncomfortable with that arrangement. Now that MIL is staying at her daughter’s place, I took the opportunity to shift things around so that Molly’s bowls will be at a cleaner location. I added in a dog sticker since I have one lying around unused (the sheet of wall sticker I bought for my Jurong home contained 2 dog stickers & I had only used up one). Hubby seemed happy with the sticker I added despite the clutter around the area. I think it brought a slight resemblance of the life we had in Jurong before moving in here.

Molly wasn’t so happy with the change though. It took her around 2 days to stop running to the old spot for her food (our feeding ritual has her sitting at one end of the kitchen waiting for the Go command before she can run to her food)

UTI – again

Yes, she got Urinary Tract Infection(UTI) again, for the 3rd time in her 7 years of life. I suspected she had it a few days ago when I noticed she started having a pungent smell. The next thing I did was to observe the colour of her urine, which looked too dark for my liking. As we bought a whole bottle of pH strips to monitor her during that worrying  bladder stone episode, I quickly ran a test on her urine the next morning. Thankfully, the results are not as bad as when she had her bladder stone(she had extremely high alkaline values) but it looked like she’s heading the direction of UTI so I told hubby to start sprinkling some cranberry powder in her food.

berry balance

The dosage I prescribed could be too low & due to my recent birthday celebration(me being out the entire day), my furry friend missed an entire day of dose. This morning, I found a pool of urine in the kitchen(Molly is housebroken so she won’t do the deed in the house unless unwell) so I stepped up on the dosage of the cranberry powder as well as adding a few spoonful of greek yogurt onto her bowl of kibble. I just did a test on her urine & it’s starting to look good. pH value seems to be neutral instead of the previous alkaline state & the amount of blood present seemed almost non negligible. We do have to try & let her out to clear her bladder more frequently than usual so that the bacteria can be washed out. I’ve yet to add apple cider vinegar into her diet yet as hubby detests the smell. I’m hoping the current remedy I’m doing will work.

Keeping my fingers crossed that her situation will improve so that a trip to the vet won’t be needed. I feel like a bad caretaker if my furry friend starts having regular trips to the animal clinic. Oh yes, the pH strips show no signs of sugar in Molly’s urine so this means there is no signs of her having diabetes. This is one of the reasons why I’m not rushing off to the vet at the 1st sign of her peeing at home. If any readers here have a pooch suspected of having UTI, do bring her to the vet for an analysis.