Things went unexpectedly well since the last post. MIL seems to realise her folly & toned down a little. It’s useless being respectful & docile to her because it just gives her the fuel to push me around.

Ever since I joined a new gym, I’ve been having a lot of fun. I didn’t expected the classes offered by First Fitness to be so challenging, which really interest me. My operated knee has been doing better with each week of classes but this means I’m a lot busier since I spend alternate mornings working out & the other mornings for house chores and grooming my furry friend.

Speaking of my furry friend, we went out to the beach again where I tried on my waterproof casing for my iphone. I was able to take better photos of Molly since I’m no longer restricted to land shots. I could swim across to the next island for a different shot.


Unfortunately, the day ended with us discovering her peeing a puddle of brown coloured urine. We first thought it was due to dehydration but the urine didn’t clear over the subsequent days and there was blood at the end of voiding. Several tests at the vet revealed her to have struvite crystals with a high alkaline pH value in her urine as well as a big bladder stone. We opt for the conservative method to acidify her urine in hopes of dissolving her bladder stone. My furry friend still look the same, with or without the pain reliever. She did look happier after a dose of the acidifier. A lot of monitoring to be done during this period but her pee looks clearer this week & the pH value has been looking good.

Will update on her condition again a few days later after the coming visit to the vet this Thursday.

Detonate a Bomb

Tick tock.

Did I just detonate a bomb?

Slept with anger in my belly n woke with the same feeling. It’s 6am & I decided I had enough of the bullshit I gotten from my MIL. Sent an sms to her stating I’m hurt by her reaction, that I’m the cause of anything that happens in the family. I would’ve prefer talking this out to her face to face but it’s 6am & this anger got to go somewhere. I’ve already bitten my knuckles countless times so that I can vent it out before I can fall asleep.

I don’t want to bottle it up by taking it out on my body.

I woke up at 6am because I’m really bothered by the way she talks to me. My husband’s not gonna do anything about it other than kiss me tenderly & give me an apologetic look.

Let’s see how she reacts when she sees the sms.

tick tock

44km road trip again

Peak period of my work hits again but I managed to schedule my lessons all in the morning so that I can have the afternoons to recharge before work hits again the next. Working 6-7 days a week does take a toll on my mental health so I decided to hit the beach after work(1pm) & a late lunch(2pm).

Hubby found an alternative route to Sentosa so the ride this time round is a lot more pleasant as we were using a series of PCNs(cycling paths) 80% of the way with the 10% on pedestrian paths and the remaining 10% on the roads. Mileage is the same as the previous trip. 22km there, 22 km back.


It was around 430pm when we arrived so the sun wasn’t as harsh. I didn’t even have to apply any sunblock and came home without a tan. My canine & I swam to and fro the isle, taking breaks at different parts of the beach. During one of the breaks, I caught a sand lizard sneaking up behind us! Ok, it wanted to reach the waters so we’re not threatened by its presence.


Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.29.55 AM

Caught a seagull in action. It caught its prey and flew somewhere to eat. On our journey back, we saw the regulars – peacocks. You see them everywhere in the island but I know there’s a particular one that is always admiring itself in front of the mirror.

peacock Sentosa mirror

IMG_1226Now we are all suitably tired out & ready for bed!