Church wedding cards

Now that most of the church wedding cards been sent out, I can safely show the world my wedding card design! All credits to Alvin, who went around looking for cards designs(while I was busy with work) & finally settled for one in Tecman in Bras Basah Complex. Lovely services as compared to other shops(the shop beside Tecman was specially rude & arrogant). However, do remember to check the printing before sending for mass production. You definitely don’t want to end up with misspelled words, venue or dates.


Card when folded

A&A-wedding-card-pink version

Pink version for the ladies(unfolded)

A&A-wedding-card-purple version

Purple version for the gents (unfolded)

Nothing much on my life except that I’m experiencing some frustrations at work due to a parent(relative) spamming my phone & me chasing him for payments every single mth. My advice: If possible, avoid doing business with relatives.

They pay the least & whine the most.


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